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The 6 Most Awkward Sex Texts - Parent Edition

The 6 Most Awkward Sex Texts - Parent Edition


As much as we hate to think about, parents are people too. People who sometimes feel the need to have some... alone time. Take a look at the 6 most awkward texts a child has had to endure because of their parents’ urges.


#6 The Matter-of-fact Dad

Sometimes, things are very cut and dry. I admire the kid for trying to let his dad save face, but not even autocorrect was going to stand in the way of mommy and daddy wrestling in the sheets.

#5 The Unintentional (gay) Incest

As we showed in our last list, mistaken identity is an epidemic in the smartphone community. The results are usually awkward but hilarious, like in this case. All I have to say is that if this conversation had taken place in Redneck Randall’s household, it might have had a different ending.

#4 The Playground Rocks

Pro-tip: Sex toys are not things you should leave lying around the house. However, if you lose track of them, at least have the sense to check who you’re texting and you can avoid situations like this one:

#3 The Sexting Incident

Sexting as a general rule is never safe, but sometimes, people can’t help themselves. However, if you’re having an affair try to at least use non-descriptive words, or your daughter might found out that you’re screwing around

#2 The Grammar Nazi

Yes, she may be sexiling her daughter, but at least she has the decency to correct her sentences.

#1 The Challenge

In a twist truly worth of M. Night Shyamalan, not only did this kid not get grounded, he ended up getting into some sort of perverse sex competition with his dad.

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